Rugged DPF-back exhaust won’t shift under high heat

advanced FLOW engineering’s (aFe) new Large Bore HD 4-inch DPF-back exhaust is built from mandrel bent, 4-inch 409 stainless steel and uses bayonet-style hangers that won’t shift under high heat.

Made for the 2011 Ford Super Duty V8 – 6.7L turbo diesel motor, the exhaust is a DPF-back system that doesn’t modify any emission control devices. A specialized vent system at the tailpipe helps the exhaust reduce EGTs. A 5-inch polished double walled 304 stainless steel tip finishes the exhaust system, which outflowed the factory exaust by 11 percent in a recent test.

All hardware is included for easy installation. Find part number 49-13028 on aFe’s website.