Banks Reaches Milestone Decision With C.A.R.B.

Banks Six-Gun diesel tuner for the new 6.7L Dodge Cummins has passed California’s stringent  new testing format

On April 7, 2010, the California Air Resources Board notified Gale Banks Engineering “with no alternative test procedure available, ARB staff suggested that it would be in the best interest of Gale Banks Engineering to direct its efforts to obtain an Executive Order toward the chassis certified Dodge Ram with the 6.7L diesel engine.”

For all other products awaiting testing, “ARB is proposing the attached test procedures for testing these products be used. The testing format is similar to that used on the 6.7L Dodge Ram with the addition of two steady state high load test points in a baseline and modified testing configuration.” These new test procedures include the FTP and US06.

This test series marks a new era in performance diesel emissions compliance and sets the stage for our entire industry to now comply.

To celebrate our recent success I am pleased to announce that the Banks Six-Gun diesel tuner for the new 6.7L Dodge Cummins has passed utilizing the new testing format, and will be the first diesel tuning product to be issued an EO using this testing protocol.

And here’s the best news; Banks customers will be able to comply with California’s new diesel smog check program. All Banks products awaiting EO testing will pass the visual inspection portion of the diesel smog test. Furthermore, CARB will give all members of the aftermarket until June 30, 2010 the opportunity to submit EO applications, and receive the same treatment for their customers.

“I believe that Diesel is an important ‘bridge technology’ to the future,” say Gale Banks Engineering president Gale Banks.” Now that we have a means to compliance, we at Banks as well as the rest of the aftermarket can go back to what we do best; designing and selling products that enhance the natural efficiency and power advantages of diesel, while keeping them clean. At Banks we call that, ‘keeping them green while making them mean.'”