Xtra! Xtra! Line-X protective spray-on armor coating covers the Big Boss’ primary body assets

Every pickup-owning contractor, landscaper, and construction worker out there wants their personal and corporate flagship vehicle to be totally functional. They also want it to look good for as long as possible.

When it comes to bed, bumper, and rocker panel protection, keeping them looking good requires a whole lot more than a thin skin of factory paint and chrome.

To protect those areas from debris and the normal wear and tear associated with off-pavement use a pickup requires an armor layer over the factory paint. And that’s exactly what Line-X Xtra is–a mixture of the Line-X protective spray-on coating topped with a second coat of a special formula blended with Kevlar pulp. The product was the result a joint development effort between DuPont and Line-X.

Cooler still, Line-X Xtra allows the protective coating to be “color-coded” for a near-perfect factory color match, or to any color you want because of its automotive-paint properties.Here’s wher Xtra shines in the field:

  • Fortified with DuPont  Kevlar
  • Puncture & Abrasion Resistant
  • Color-Coded to Your Truck’s Paint
  • Unrivaled U/V Protection/Stability

Xtra provides enhanced puncture and abrasion resistance, for a durable, custom, color-coded fit and finish.

Fortified with DuPont Kevlar, Xtra provides unrivaled U/V stability and can be color-coded to manufacturer’s paint specifications! Or, if you prefer black, Xtra provides the same, long-lasting U/V stability for miles of maintenance-free protection for your truck.

“No matter how you use it,” says Stephen Gaskill, Line-X Tech Support Specialist, “LINE-X Xtra with DuPont Kevlar, provides enhanced puncture and abrasion resistance, for a durable, custom, color-coded fit and finish.”

We enlisted the services of Line-X in protecting not only the bed of our brand new Ram 2500 Crew Cab, Project “Big Boss,” but also the lower rockers and the Road Armor bumpers. Those are the areas taking the brunt of week-day hits on the jobsite.

The Line-X installers also color-code the bed to match the truck’s blue and the rockers and bumpers to match the silver lower trim, giving our truck a very distinctive “factory custom”  look.

The typical cost for such a custom application is around a $1,000, while the base Line-X shortbed pickup box runs less than $500. The difference in price has  a lot to do with the additional taping/masking required and the addition of the color-coded, Kevlar-impregnated layer of Line-X Xtra over the body panels and bumpers.

For a complete step-by-step run down on how Line-X takes our Big Boss Ram 4×4 from stock to rock, check out the how-to article. — Bruce W. Smith