Fusion-Tech Goes Nano-Ceramic

New additive technology said to improve fuel economy and reduce emission in gas/diesel engines

Fusion-Tech, Inc, a Raleigh, NC based specialty chemical company is pleased to announce a new nano-ceramic technology that improves fuel efficiency and dramatically reduces emissions in internal combustion engines, both gas and diesel.

Fusion-Tech’s technology requires no added appliances or filters.  Lubricating fluids such as oil or grease are used as the delivery system.  The nano-ceramic particles are suspended in a poly alpha olefin and simply added to friction causing parts such as pistons, bearings and gears.

When contacted by steel, the particles impregnate themselves into the friction surfaces creating a ferro-ceramic compound with a coefficient of friction in the range of 0.03 and a hardness in the range of Vickers 700.  (For non-technical people, 0.03 friction is similar to an ice skater on ice and Vickers 700 is in the range of diamond hardness.)

The technology has been under test for over three years without any reported drive train problems.  Typical improvements in fuel efficiency exceed 15%.  NOx, Sox and CO emissions typically fall between 25% and 45% while HC emissions have fallen as much as 90%.  For further information, the website is