Spring 2010 New Products

New Products As Shown in ProPickup Spring 2010 issue

Take tools to the work

Unless you need the exercise, walking back and forth from your truck to your big toolbox can often eat up valuable time. The Ultra-Delux Technician Cart from Shure Manufacturing gives you sufficient drawer storage space for the tools you’ll need and a top and bottom tray sturdy enough to hold most components or a parts washing basin. Gas spring shocks open the flip-up steel top to reveal a 4-inch deep compartment with a vinyl mat. The two drawers are lockable to prevent tools from walking away and can be keyed to match other Shure tool boxes and cabinets. The cart measures 32 ¼ inches wide, 34 inches tall and 18 ¼ inches deep and can be ordered in any of the company’s 22 powder coat paint colors.

WD-40 sings the blues

Unlike the old general purpose, light-duty WD-40, the new Blue Works line of products from the company is designed for heavy-duty protection and lubrication in specialized applications. These should cover just about any mechanic’s needs, and the company has retained the convenient spray can dispensers—albeit in a new color scheme. The Blue Works lineup includes eight products: a contact cleaner, degreaser, dry lube PTFE, high performance PFTE lubricant, multi-purpose lubricant, penetrant, silicone and white lithium grease.

Adjustable, no-drill lumber rack

Looking for a customizable lumber rack that won’t require you to drill holes in your bed rails? The Smittybilt Contractors rack comes with no-drill J-hooks or hardware mounts for permanent installation, and it’s got adjustable legs and feet that allows you to fit it to any full size pickup. The frame is built from .120-inch wall, 2-inch tubing and has removable center and rear cross bars for those times when you’re hauling extra tall loads. Gusset plates give the corners strength and rigidity and a built in air deflector reduces noise. Tubing is matte black with gold-zinc plated hardware for looks and corrosion resistance. The complete unit can be shipped via UPS in two boxes.

Tool box upgrade

Knaack has upgraded its flagship Weather Guard Model 127 truck tool box with a tamper resistant locking system that discourages theft and break ins. They’ve also put in new attachment points for securing tools and supplies in the truck bed, and a new adjustable metal tray, removable parts bin and level holder.

Get a grip—with your hitch

If you’ve ever been stuck far from the shop and in need of a vise, here’s the solution. Mac’s Custom Tie Downs clever Trail D-Vise mounts to a trailer hitch receiver and offers all the features of a full-size bench vise including two no-slip jaws, a triple pipe jaw and a flat anvil surface. It can be positioned for vertical or horizontal work. The steel wrench stores on the side of the unit and serves as both handle for the vise and—thoughtfully—a bottle opener as well. The Trail D-Vise weighs 17 pounds and stores behind seats or in most toolboxes.

Save your back, slide the work to you

The 4000XT model of Highway Products’ Roller Coaster Slide-out Cargo Tray for Pickups extends 80 percent of its length and is rated to handle up to 4,000 pounds. Detent stops every 10 inches keep the all-aluminum deck from traveling too far and the Stab Lock locking mechanism secures it for travel or work.

Spread the light

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight.com has added a new LED10W series of non-corrosive, high lumen spreader/flood lights to its lineup. The lights feature lightweight aluminum housings and a wide, 35-degree angle LED light with hinge style mounting brackets. Trunnion (or U-bracket) style mounts are also available. The 10-watt lights can be arrayed in a row up to 28 lights long in a low profile frame. Solid state LEDs run on low voltages but give off a stronger, high intensity light with less amp draw and are less susceptible to corrosion and vibration. The company claims an average lifespan of 50,000 hours for the lights.

A torch with ergonomics

The propane torch was always a bit cumbersome to hold until this. BernzOmatic has introduced its Quickfire, a compact, pistol-grip style design with a quarter turn, screw-in fuel cylinder. The gun part of the torch features an instant on-off trigger switch for one handed operation and a lock button to free up your fingers. An adjustable flame control knob lets you size the flame to the job and a high intensity flame gives you 30 percent faster soldering time, says the company. And, the Quickfire uses Max Power propylene fuel, which is 20-percent hotter than conventional propane.

Travel rugged welder-generator

Weighing just 345 pounds the Miller Wildcat 200 Welder Generator is protected from dust, debris and falling objects by an enclosed case, making it light enough and rugged enough to haul around in your pickup truck. It produces up to 200 amps of DC stick and TIG welding and up to 6,500 watts of peak generator power (5,500 watts continuous). The 14-horsepower Subaru engine, welder and generator come with three year warranties, and a 7-gallon gas tank provides 12 hours of run time using 1/8-inch stick electrodes.