Product Review: Argus Battery Bug

Product Review: Argus Analyzers Battery Bug


New monitoring devices keeps you instantly informed about battery status

By Bruce W. Smith

Most people who work outdoors don’t like dealing with bugs. Bugs are annoying and do nothing to enhance the joys of work, fishing or hunting.

But we have found two bugs readers would dearly love to have around: Battery Bugs.

Argus Analyzers (; 401-398-2959) recently developed two battery monitoring gauges they call Battery Bugs: the BB-SBM12 is designed for cranking batteries, the BB-DCM12-100 for deep-cycles/multiple battery configurations.

Each installs in less than a minute and provides instant and continuous status on the battery even during use—a first.

The status of batteries is always on the mind of vehicle owners who depend on their equipment to be ready at the turn of akey, and the DCM12-100 Battery Bug provides that instant visual representation of battery status.  There’s even an audible alarm that sounds if the battery needs replacement.

The deep-cycle Battery Bug, which is waterproof and  measures about two-inches square, shows you six valuable pieces of information at a glance:

1) the battery’s maximum capability

2) its lost capability

3) available capability at full charge

4) charge level in both digital and analog

5) low-battery/recharge warning

6) a replace battery indicator

The Bug quickly and automatically cycles through each screen. It also adjusts automatically for changes in temperatures and battery types/sizes.

(Argus’ SBM12 Battery Bug only provides an instant readout of the charge level of the cranking battery in your boat or tow vehicle.)

We tested the DCM12-100 Bug in a 4×4 pickup equipped with dual batteries – and in a bassboat with a 36-volt trolling motor system. The Bug showed the status of each “bank” of batteries, and in the bassboat you could watch the levels change as the day progressed.

The Argus Battery bug is, indeed, a cool bug to have around. Click here to learn more. —Bruce W. Smith