I-Light Booster Cables

I-Light Booster Cable kit; Wrangler Power Product’s safe, fast, durable battery jumper system

Jumping dead batteries is a common occurrence around heavy equipment and construction/contracting jobsites.

So when there’s a dead battery in need of a helping hand, there’s no better quick-connect jumper cables than the heavy-duty  I-Light Booster Cable kit from Wrangler Power Products.

Wrangler Power Product’s kit, which comes in 16-, 25- and 30-foot applications,features ultra-flexible 2 gauge cable.


LED lights show if battery connection polarity is correct.


Green and red LEDs built into the polarity-sensing quick-connectors ensure safe battery booster cable connections at hook-up.

Installation is fast and easy. Lifetime warranty.

Contact: Wrangler Power Products; 800-962-2616