Antenna monitors vehicle cell phone use

Special antenna detects cell phone use from driver’s seat; warns driver to terminate call and alerts management

Cell phone use detection antenna warns driver to stop call and alerts management. Photo: Bruce W. Smith/Randall-Reilly

SALT LAKE CITY, UT–(Marketwire – Dec 15, 2011)

Drivers of fleet and company vehicles may not be able to use their cell phones from the driver’s seat without managemnet knowing should a new cell phone detection antenna system is used.

inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global company centered on telematicsfleet solutions anddriving safety, today announced the availability of a cell and text detection antenna to be added onto inthinc’s driver safety and fleet management solutions.

The antenna detects cell phone wave frequencies emitted from the driver seat, verbally warns the user to terminate the call or text and sends real-time alerts to a web portal or directly to a manger.

This information allows fleet managers to enforce compliance with company, state and federal regulations, including the standards set forth in the recent NTSB recommendation — reducing distracted driving, costly fines and crashes associated with this dangerous behavior.

In anticipation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association’s (FMCSA) recent ban on all cell phone use for commercial vehicles — and directly supporting the NTSB recommendation — inthinc developed the patented technology to help fleet managers remain compliant with federal regulations.

If commercial carriers violate the federal rule, they may face fines of up to $11,000. (Read full story here.)