Weather tracking app

Professional weather tracking app; WeatherTrack let’s you see what the experts see on your cell phone

If you are a professional contractor where weather plays a critical role in your work,  a new cell phone app can keep you on top of what’s happening locally, state-wide, or nationally with the touch of the screen.

WeatherTrack, the Swiss Army Knife for weather enthusiasts,  delivers accurate, reliable and user friendly data for any given location world-wide.

Think of WeatherTrack as your own private meteorolgist; always there, always ready.

It allows you to download a GRIB file for any given area worldwide, thus getting precise information about wind, waves, currents as well as precipitation, pressures, geopotential height, sea/air temperature and more. Severe weather warnings are displayed.

It is the only app that offers a choice of different weather models and can access e.g. the RTOFS model of Atlantic Ocean currents with surface temperatures and salinity.

Weather forecasts can be displayed as satellite, radar or telefax pictures.

User-friendly WeatherTrack gives the cell phone user immediate weather data in different formats.

WeatherTrack is available in several languages and can be downloaded from the iTunes app store – with full information also at Special Xmas season price: $9.99 (Reg. $19.99).