Shakedown run

Logbook: Dec. 14

Nothing like taking a project truck you’ve been working on for months and putting it to the test in some real-world conditions.

Just hooked up with a couple local guys who know the local Alabama pipeline and powerline roads like the back of their hands.

They offered to take me out on a “shakedown” run with the Super Crew.

It did well on the dirt roads. Suspension handles the washouts and ruts nicely, and the electric rear locker is a must for anyone working in these conditions day in, day out.

Ground clearance from the 35s and 4-inch suspension lift helped the long-wheelbase Ford through some tougher sections.

Not real happy about the slowness of the 4×4 system. Seems to take a long time to switch between 2WD, 4Hi and 4Lo. You have to stop and put it in Neutral each time as well. That’s a pain.

But the 6.7L Powerstroke and gearing are excellent getting and keeping the power to the ground through the Mickey Thompson MTZs.

Can’t wait to make another run–with the ARB Air Locker in the front.

Conclusion: I’d keep this truck around if I could 🙂 — Bruce Smith/Editor