Bel-Ray High Performance Marine Products

Bel-Ray High Performance Marine Products

FARMINGDALE, NJ – November 11,  2011 – Bel-Ray Company, Inc.  – the industry leader in performance lubricants is proud to announce the introduction of a  complete line of Marine related high performance lubricants products available for retail sale  beginning in January 2012.

For more than 50 years, Bel-Ray’s high performance marine products have been sold worldwide to everyone from the United States Navy to the largest and most prestigious manufacturers of outboard, inboard and stern drive  engines. Now, for the first time in Bel-Ray’s proud history their comprehensive line of Marine products will be available for wider use. Taking the existing high performance formulas, Bel-Ray has given each a performance upgrade making them more powerful for today’s generation of marine technology.

The comprehensive line of marine products includes specific items that include 4 Stroke Oil, 2 Stroke Oil, Diesel Oil , Gear Oil and service products, all engineered to meet the specific demands of each use.

Bel-Ray offers a Semi-Synthetic 4 Stoke Oil in 2 grades and a 4-Stroke Mineral Oil  in a single grade, all are FC-W Catalyst Compatible and API SM certified, and are designed for use in outboard, inboard, stern drive and PWC engines.

The 2012 Marine line has two different oils specifically designed for the modern 2 Stroke PWC and Outboard motor. The first is the Marine Biodegradeable 2 Stroke Engine Oil. It is a Biodegradeable clean burning synthetic ester designed for injector auto-lube or pre-mix applications. It is made with a solvent free, ashless formula,  that features 65% renewable carbon content and is TCW-3 and EU Ecolabel certified. The other 2 stroke oil is the TCW-3, API TC, JASO FD, ISO –L-EGD approved Marine Racing 2 Stroke Engine Oil.

Bel-Ray Marine Diesel Engine Oil is available in 3 grades and features a petroleum based formula infused with Extreme Pressure anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection to deliver the best results in harsh marine environments.

For the lower units in outboards and stern drives Bel-Ray’s 2012 Marine Line includes 3 different API  GL-5 performance rated Gear Oils each designed to withstand the rigors of performance marine use. The Bel-Ray Marine Synthetic Gear Oil leads the way with an industry first Eco-Friendly anti-mony free formula designed for maximum performance and protection. Also included are Bel-Ray Marine Semi-Synthetic and Bel-Ray Marine Mineral Gear Oil. Like the synthetic version, these are also formulated using extreme pressure anti-wear and anti-corrosive additives to deliver long lasting protection and performance.

Marine Waterproof Grease, Marine Silicone Lubricant, Marine Rust Preventative Coating and the revolutionary Marine Biodegradeable Multi-Purpose Lubricant are all also included in the new Marine line of products for 2012

Look for the graphite bottle with the blue highlights on marine dealer shelves worldwide beginning in January 2012.