MPT claims FIRST True Synthetic Engine Lubricant

Full Synthetic High-Performance engine lubricant

MPT Industries, Dover NJ, October 2011- MPT Industries, known for advancements in synthetic solvent and petroleum free based lubricants and solvent-free engine cleansers, is pleased to announce Thirty-K, the only truly revolutionary Full Synthetic High-Performance engine lubricant.

Did you know that so-called synthetic engine oils actually have regular petroleum oil in them and can still be called synthetic? It’s true, the conflict was settled by the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Review Council (Case Number 3526, March 1, 1999) in a complaint filed against Castrol Syntec motor oil by Mobil. As a result of the Council’s finding regarding the term or claim of synthetic, other motor oil makers jumped in and came up with hydro-processed petroleum motor oils of their own and labeled these products to be “100% synthetic.” Fact! They are simply additive enhanced Group III hydro-processed petroleum and/or petroleum based oils.

MPT Thirty-K IS A TRUE SYNTHETIC-SO WHY BETTER: Petroleum oils (and so-called synthetics) require viscosity modifiers to perform over a wide range of temperatures from cold start up to all out running. MPT Thirty-K engine lubricant due to the incredibly high-quality synthetic basestocks has no viscosity modifiers-it works through the entire temperature range-see if you can find any other motor oil company that can honestly make this claim. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?

The first thing in engine oils to break down are viscosity modifiers!

Background Facts: It took years to develop MPT Thirty-K Engine Lubricant. Due to the proprietary formulation of synthetic polyolester and polyalphaolefin basestocks combined with a proprietary additive package that includes robust levels of zinc, phosphorous and molybdenum, the result is an extreme metal protecting lubricant life (up to 30,000 miles between changes).

MPT’s Thirty-K lubricant results in much lower friction (which can actually be apples to apples demonstrated between regular oil, other so-called synthetic oils and MPT’s Lubricant at engine idle speed-less friction higher RPMs). Less friction results in better mileage, reduced engine wear and more power. Combine these benefits with a high-detergent value (cleansing polyolester basestocks with a TBN rate beyond 10), much longer time between oil changes and you have an incredibly efficient engine lubricant.


•             Lower coefficient of friction; less friction, increased fuel economy, reduced heat and wear.

•             Superior engineered lubricant metal adhesion for reduced engine wear.

•             Superior high-temperature stability.

•             Extreme life between lubricant changes.

•             Reduced degradation over that of petroleum content oils.

•             Improved oil pump efficiency and lubrication flow from start to run temperatures.

•             Improved metal to metal impact and wear protection.

•             Improved cleansing (a high TBN rate over 10!).

MPT Industries’ Thirty-K synthetic motor lubricants are available for all types of internal combustion engines in traditional weights of: 5-30, 5-40, 10-40, 20-50 and the company is close to finalizing a0-40 weight for low friction cold country start ups. MPT Industries also has specifically formulated engine lubricants for race and motorcycle applications. NOTE: Currently NOT available for 2-cycle engines.

MSRP: $14.95 per quart (much cheaper over the life of other “synthetics” and regular oil)

Currently available at quality performance shops and online retailers. Currently seeking retailers and wholesale distributors.

For more information please contact:

MPT Industries

Phone: 973-989-9220

E-Mail: [email protected]

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