Super Crew Logbook: Sept. 27

Logbook: Sept. 27  

Just left Truck Supply & Outfitters.

The Hellwig sway-bars they just installed  made a huge difference in this truck’s ride and handling.

I was a bit skeptical that adding anti-sway bars was a good idea as they could affect the suspension travel of our lifted F-250 Super Duty. No worries.

It’s all too clear Hellwig has designed these front/rear sway bars specifically for lifted, heavy-duty 4×4 pickups.

I don’t feel any  body roll in hard cornering–and the truck still takes dips and bumps smoothly.

Off-pavement they let the long-travel 4-link BDS suspesnion work its magic.  I must say, this is a sweet setup. — Bruce W. Smith / Editor