Scorpion Intake install

Super Duty Cold-Air Intake

Project Super Crew’s 6.7L Power Stroke gets upfitted with an Airaid Scorpion cold-air intake


by Bruce W. Smith

Pickup owners are always looking for ways to get a little more power in the engine department.

One area that can be achieved is on the intake side. The better the breathing, the more efficient the engine.

Airaid‘s newest cold-air intake system, called the Scorpion MXP, provides such breathing for owner’s of the new Ford Super Duties.

The power gains on the 2011 6.7L diesel aren’t huge (11 Horsepower and 73 lb./ft. of torque), but that’s enough to make a difference when the loads are applied.

Airaid’s bolt-on intake system ($399) features a one-piece rotational molded air-box and modular intake tube to replace the samller, more restrictive factory version.

Breathing is done through a large 1600CFM washable and reusable Premium Air Filter that is available with either SynthaFlow® composite or Airaid’s newest SynthaMax® Non-Oiled filtration technology. (We used the latter.)

It bolts on in minutes with simple hand tools, as we saw when Truck Supply & Outfitter’s Daniel parker did the swap on the Super Crew. The images below show the steps….