Reichert DEF-Chek

The Reichert DEF-Chek™ correctly determines the exact concentration of diesel exhaust fluid in the system.

The DEF-Chek™ pocket digital fluid tester

The DEF-Chek™ pocket digital fluid tester measures the concentration of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), also known as AdBlue.  New standards are in affect regarding the reduction of Nitrous Oxide tailpipe emissions in vehicles using diesel engines.  The chosen method for emissions reduction is called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).  This method requires a separate holding tank of DEF on the vehicle.  The DEF is injected into the exhaust stream that converts the dangerous Nitrous Oxides into harmless nitrogen and water.  This DEF is comprised of an exact concentration of 32.5% Urea in 67.5% Deionized water.  Any additional water or adulteration to this concentration will make the SCR system ineffective.  Poor quality DEF can damage the injectors which will result in expensive repairs.  Reports have surfaced in Europe of poor quality diesel exhaust fluid.  Fluid that is not properly concentrated or has agricultural grade Urea or non-deionized water will not meet the standards of ISO 22241.  In addition, the vehicle will not be compliant to regulatory standards regarding tail pipe emissions.  Therefore, it is critically important that the diesel exhaust fluid quality and purity is maintained throughout the supply chain.  The Reichert DEF-Chek™ correctly determines the exact concentration.  This measurement is critical for anyone manufacturing, buying, transporting, dispensing, or using DEF in their vehicle.  Professional service technicians can use the DEF-Chek™ to perform a quality control check on their DEF supply that they purchase and dispense.  The DEF quality can be checked from the holding tank on the vehicle as well.  The Reichert DEF-Chek™ can be used from technicians in the fleet motor pool to the individual independent vehicle operator.

“Using a proven scientific method of measurement, Reichert Technologies uses optical refractive index to measure diesel exhaust fluid.  These measurements are exact and precise – they are not based on approximations and assumptions”, says Charles Smith, Sales and Distribution Manager.  The DEF-Chek™ takes over 10,000 measurements on a set of 2 x AAA batteries (included).  Power management is excellent as this tester will power off automatically after a short period of inactivity.  Measurement results are displayed within 3 seconds.  The tester comes with a detachable neck lanyard and non-slip rubber side grips for ease of handling.  Also included with each tester is a durable storage case.  An accessory nylon holster case (cell phone type) is also available.

The DEF-Chek™ is small and lightweight.  The dimensions are 54x27x100 mm and weighs 100 grams.  It is rated and compliant to IP65 Dustproof/Water Resistance, CE, RoHS, WEEE.