Logbook Sept. 13

Super Crew Logbook  


Baby’s first oil change.

Odometer rolled past 4,450 miles just as I pulled in to Town & Country Ford.

DEF refill light says there’s only 327 miles to empty. Guess it does coincide with the typical oil/filter change cycle. Nice.

Truck has seen about 2,500 miles in the last three weeks. Still love the ride on the BDS 4-link suspension and Mickey T’s.

Ooops! Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned those little additions until our October issue hits the mail in a couple more weeks…publisher is going to have my head. Oh, well…now you know, right.

Can’t wait to get all the little bells & whistles installed.

One we will not have is the Ford Work Solutions and Tool Link setup. Guess Ford couldn’t figure out how to make it work in the field….

Town & Country is installing a navi system and upscale radio in its place while it’s here at their shop….Bruce W. Smith/Editor