Cobra iRadar

Cobra iRadar detector

Turn your cell phone into a state-of-the-art radar alarm with the new iRadar Detector from Cobra Electronics.

The Cobra iRadar Detection Unit is a sleek, compact and powerful detection system. It detects all radar and laser guns on the market and its 360° protection has you covered on all sides.

The iRadar Detection Unit is a fully functional detector with or without the Cobra iRadar app.

Without the iRadar app the detection unit will provide audio alerts to all radar and laser signals.

When combined with the app, you can change settings, view visual alerts, and gain access to Cobra’s AURA database to receive red light camera alerts.

The iRadar Detection Unit also features a City/Highway mode that reduces false alerts in urban areas.

In City Mode, the unit will automatically filter out annoying false alerts caused by automatic door openers.

In Highway Mode, the iRadar Detection Unit gives you the benefit of immediate alerts.

The iRadar’s large, crisp speaker provides clear and precise warnings while its escalating alerts let you know how far away the threat is.