Eastwood digital torque wrenches

Eastwood digital torque wrenches

The Eastwood Company‘s series of Digital Electronic Torque Wrenches and Torque-Angle Wrenches are designed to be used by professionals and DIY-ers, where proper tightening of fasteners is crucial.

Available in 3/8” and ½” drive, Eastwood’s Digital Electronic Torque Wrenches and Torque-Angle Wrenches enables the user to precisely set and measure torque values accurate to +/-2% clockwise and counterclockwise.

They measure torque from 7-100 ft.-lbs. and 10-135Nm (Newton Meters), while the Torque-Angle versions add the capability to turn a fastener to a precise angle once a set torque value is achieved, which is critical for precision work on many newer vehicles.

Eastwood’s Digital Electronic Torque Wrenches offer several benefits in addition to high accuracy.

They warn both visually and audibly: The easy-to-read digital LCD displays torque setting and torque reached, and an audible buzzer sounds when the preset torque level is attained, so they can be used where the display cannot be seen.

The 72-tooth ratchet turns even in tight spots where a conventional torque wrench won’t work.
The new wrench will also store up to 5 regularly used torque settings, so it doesn’t need to be reset every time the user tightens wheel lugs.

It features an ergonomically designed slip resistant grip and is durable enough for both home and professional shop environments.

All units are easy to set and store settings, and come with a calibration certificate and storage case.