Snap-on's top chest

snap-on top chestWith over 21,000 cubic inches of space, 10 interchangeable drawers and a huge flip-top lid area, Snap-on’s KRA2410 top chest is the perfect add-on storage solution for your existing Snap-on roll cab.

“Our new 55-inch top chest lid is the perfect complement to a Snap-on KRA2411 series roll cab,” said Jay Serpe, product manager for Snap-on. “Not only is the top chest extremely durable but it also has a ton of space to hold power tools and chargers as well as an assortment of larger tools.”

The features and benefits of the KRA2410 series top chests include:

  • Huge top compartment – 5-inches deep for use with power tools, standing sockets, bulk cases, personal items, battery charging, etc.
  • Ten drawers total – six, 4-inch drawers to hold plenty of large tools
  • Pre-drilled for optional power strip (stock number KAPS4)
  • Easy-to-operate flip lid utilizes high strength gas struts for safe, convenient lifting and shutting
  • Drawers are interchangeable – 2-inch drawers and 4-inch drawers can change position if desired
  • Each drawer will hold up to 120 pounds and the 4-inch drawers will accommodate an extra set of slides to hold up to 240 pounds per drawer