Smart Cobra GPS

Cobra 5550 Pro Navigation System

The new Cobra 5550 PRO ($349.95) packs all the driving and navigation features of Cobra’s 7750 Platinum into a compact 5” screen, making it an ideal navigation device for contractors, hot-shot drivers and over-the-road applications.

The 5550 PRO features easy-to-read graphics, Junction View with Lane Assist, quick tab menus, a State Mileage Log, and Hours-of-Service Timers.  

In addition, it features the industry’s best last-mile routing, offering superior road coverage on secondary highways.

Cobra 5550 PRO Features:

Quick-Tabs allow drivers to see critical information such as the distances to weigh stations, travel centers, rest areas and mile markers at a glance.

Junction View with Lane Assist provides drivers with 3D images of upcoming highway junctions as well as lane guidance and enhanced turn-by-turn directions.

State Mileage Log tracks miles driven within a state for IFTA reporting.

Hours-of-Service Timers enable drivers to easily track their On-Duty, Off-Duty and Driving Time

AURA alerts warn of upcoming photo-enforcement cameras, dangerous intersections, and speed traps