RFID tags replace fuel cards

Comdata’s offers a more secure, less expensive, and card-free way for drivers to fuel with RFID technology

Brentwood, TN — August 30, 2011 — Comdata Corporation, a leader in electronic payment innovation, introduces a new cardless fueling solution for travel centers and transportation companies.

The program provides a faster, more efficient way for drivers to fuel, while giving transportation companies even more options to control the fuel-purchasing process.

The cardless program uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to initiate transactions at the fuel terminal, instead of requiring the presence of a card to facilitate the process. Companies install RFID tags in each of their vehicles that activate fuel terminals at approved RFID-equipped locations as the vehicles pull alongside them.

By the time the driver steps out to the pump, the purchase has been authorized according to specific controls established for his or her vehicle.

This streamlined process allows drivers to spend less time at the pump since the RFID tag eliminates most, if not all, of their data entry tasks.

As a result, the program simplifies the overall fuel-purchasing process by automating the transaction for drivers, expediting the authorization, and reducing the chances of fraudulent purchases being made on a card.

“Increasingly, transportation companies are looking for innovative programs that make their business more efficient and secure,” said Steve Stevenson, Comdata president. “Our new cardless program delivers both, offering convenience to keep their trucks moving and control to mitigate their risk of fraud.”

The cardless program utilizes the Fuel Island Manager platform from QuikQ, a software development company that specializes in technology for the transportation industry. As the exclusive marketer of the program, Comdata will install and support the Fuel Island Manager platform for participating merchants.