Super Crew Logbook

Super Crew Logbook

August 29, 2011 / GATS Trip

1193.8 miles.

That’s the odometer reading after we made the run to Dallas and back to be in the Great American Trucking Show last week.

Stephen Abernathy drove it down and Justin Wood and I shared wheel time coming home. 14.5mpg running 70-80. Not bad for a truck running a lift,  bigger tires and carrying more weight than it was stock.

Got lots of thumbs-up and smiles on the road.  Super Duty owners really take notice.

The new body wrap is catching looks, too. (We’ll have all those details in our December issue for those of you reading this post!)

Ride quality is excellent. Seats are quite comfortable. Great A/C system. But needs HID headlights. Stock headlights not enough punch on high beam — Bruce W. Smith / Editor