Premium Radar Detector

STi Magnum radar detector

Professional contractors require professional tools and the STi Magnum™ is the industry’s most advanced radar and detection tool.

Now a part of BELTRONICS Professional series STi Magnum™’s dual antenna design with 60% improved performance, assures processing of X band signals separate from the critical K and Ka bands for superior range.

By separating and then specializing each band, the STi Magnum™’s unique dual low noise amplifier, twin antennae, provides category leading X-band range and, superior world-class sensitivity on the difficult higher-frequency K and Ka- radar bands.

The STi Magnum™ includes BELTRONICS patented TotalShield™ Technology which simply eliminates all radio frequency emissions which make the STi Magnum™ completely undetectable to any radar detector – especially all VG2 and Spectre series law enforcement receivers.