DU-HA's Receiver Caddy

DU-HA receiver CaddyIf you have trouble finding the ball mount for your hitch when you need it, you may benefit from the Receiver Caddy.

This brand new storage unit, manufactured by DU-HA, fits behind the wheel well in the bed of your pickup truck or the rear cargo area of your SUV and acts as a receiver so you can store your ball mounts and trailer balls safely and conveniently in one place.

What makes the Receiver Caddy unique is it’s the only one of its kind on the market. It holds two standard ball mounts with balls attached and secures to the normally unused space behind the wheel well, allowing you the full use of your truck bed.

Almost everyone with a hitch will find the Receiver Caddy perfect for storing their ball mounts. The extra storage area in the base is great for storing trailer light plugs, extra trailer balls and hitch pins.

The Receiver Caddy is heavy duty, and includes adjustable rubber support feet to keep the caddy level in all types of truck beds. Drain holes in the base allow you to use it in an uncovered truck bed. A lockable pin mechanism is included to lock up your ball mounts to help prevent theft and flying projectiles.

The Receiver Caddy is $34.95.

A lock kit is available for $14.95.

For more information, visit www.receivercaddy.com, or call 866-306-3842.