Super Crew Logbook Aug. 22

Super Crew Logbook

August 22, 2011

Dallas bound!  

Left Tuscaloosa at 7:30 this morning. Been running 75mph most of the way on I-20 toward Dallas and the Great American Trucking Show.

Be the first show the Super Crew is in this year. Been getting a lot of thumbs-up from people I’ve passed–or are passing me.

Driver’s-side toolbox lid keeps popping open. Have to find a fix for that issue. Very annoying

Getting 14.5mpg. Big tires and the lift kit undoubtedly not the best things to do aerodynamically. But the Super Duty sure rides nice.

Going to be fun to see the reactions and hear the comments from those attending GATS this week. Moving the Super Crew into the show Tuesday….

Had numerous calls from the home office as everyone keeps checking US Fleet Trackimg to see where the truck is and how fast I’m running. Nothing like having Big brother looking down on me. — Stephen Abernathy/ Associate Publisher