Wash anywhere with Washdrops

washdropsWith record-breaking drought across parts of the nation this summer, it’s still possible to wash your car, truck or RV on congested streets, or in cramped garages or parking lots, remote campgrounds or water-restricted areas.

That’s because, with Washdrops – a green, non-foaming solution – and only one bucket of water, washing your truck is not only easy, it’s convenient, cheap and environmentally responsible.

Add one ounce (three capfuls) of Washdrops to one gallon of water. Then apply the solution to a vehicle’s surface with a clean sponge and wipe dry immediately. Dirt will be replaced by a beautiful shine. Since the product requires so little water, consumers can use it virtually anywhere. It is especially valuable in locations with hard-to-find water outlets or curtailed water usage.

Since Washdrops is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and solvent-free, consumers may empty the bucket on a lawn or bed of flowers. Also, they have no need to change into work clothes because so little water is required, saving the user time.

View photos of Washdrops in action by clicking here.

Washdrops is available in 16-ounce (16 washes), 32-ounce (32 washes) or one-gallon (up to 128 washes) sizes.

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