Bedrock Logbook Aug. 18

Project Bedrock Logbook

August 18

Ah the sound of power.

Truck Supply & Outfitters just installed Corsa Exhausts new dB Performance Commercial Exhaust under Bedrock. It sounds like a Corvette. Pretty sweet.

Stainless 5.3L system with dual tips looks professional grade all the way, too. Not sure of power gain, but would expect 10-15hp.

So, coupled with the Edge CTS programmer, I should have 20-25hp in the towing mode.

From previous experience I knew what it would sound like.

Project Bedrock gets a Corsa Commercial Series performance exhaust upgrade.

From my test run down the interstate a few minutes ago, I’m not disappointed; no drone at 70mph like with many other performance exhausts. And when you lay into the throttle, the exhaust is very throaty.

The best of both worlds–quiet when you want, attention getting when you want. — Bruce W. Smith / Editor