Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ

Project Super Crew: Tires

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial

Those working in the heavy construction industry and those who like to hit the backroads on weekend hunting outings will appreciate three things the new Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ delivers on the highway: a good ride, responsive handling and minimal noise.

At least that’s what we have seen thus far with the 35/13.50 Baja MTZs underneath our 2011 F-250 Super Duty 4×4, Project Super Crew.

The designers of this aggressive tire say the Mickey Thompson’s Power Ply™ sidewalls have a special angled third ply that gives high performance handling, better puncture resistance, and improved towing capability.

All of those are key elements for a tire used on heavy duty pickups in the construction/contracting world.

The Baja MTZ also incorporates these elements:

  • Advanced Radial Construction for High Mileage & Smooth Ride
  • Self Cleaning High-Void Tread Lugs for Traction in Mud & Snow
  • Deep Shoulder Lugs Provide Aggressive Traction and Bold Looks
  • Enhanced Sidebiters® for Added Traction & Protection

We had Postel’s Tire Shed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, put the MTZs on 8.5×18 Dick Cepek Torque wheels to give maximum protection to the tire bead and maximize rolling height.

We’ll have a full tire review in an upcoming issue of the magazine. So stay tuned.

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Specifications

Size:     LT325/65R18

Size Equivalent :  35X13.50R18

Appx. Wt.:  78 lbs.

Load Range:    E

Max Load:      3,860 lbs.

Max PSI:   65 psi

Appr. Rims:     9.0-12.0 in.

Section Width: 13.5 in.

Tread Width:  10.6 in.

Overall Dia.:    35 in.

Tread  Depth 32nds: 20.5