Reach E-Z

If you’ve ever struggled to reach something deep in your pickup truck bed, you’ll love Reach E-Z. This patent-pending tool, manufactured by DU-HA, works in your pickup truck, home, or boat for any job that requires a little extra reach.

It retrieves items in truck beds and includes a brush for clearing snow or sweeping out the truck bed. Homeowners will also find its extendable handle and unique hook perfect for reaching tall shelves or under furniture. Paint rollers, squeegees, or dusters attach to its threaded connector, without buying a separate extension for each. Outdoorsmen will appreciate not having to move around the boat to reach items or hanging out to retrieve decoys.

Reach E-Z extends to 7 feet, enough to reach into the longest truck beds, but retracts to just 5 feet for easy storage. It snaps securely into a special clip that attaches to the truck bed or the garage wall, keeping Reach E-Z handy but never in the way.

What makes Reach E-Z unique is its special tip that slides into the grooves of truck beds and bed liners, getting under the item to hook it securely. It’ll easily grab cardboard boxes and the bottoms of plastic buckets, letting you pull them to you so you won’t have to climb into your truck bed again. The tip turns sideways for extra versatility and handles objects over 100 pounds.

If you have a tonneau or cap on your truck, Reach E-Z really shines, letting you pack and retrieve items without removing the cover.

Reach E-Z comes complete with a brush that attaches in seconds and reaches all the way across your windshield, even on the tallest pickup trucks and SUVs, to quickly clear snow for safer driving. It also makes quick work out of sweeping the truck bed clean. Optional accessories include a scraper and an LED flashlight that clips to the Reach E-Z handle.

Reach E-Z is $34.95.

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