Polaris introduces PS-4 Extreme Duty 4-cycle engine oil

Choosing the right oil is critical to keeping Polaris ATVs and RANGER/RZR Side-by-Sides running in peak condition.

To better protect the engines in these vehicles, Polaris has expanded its 4-cycle oil line to include PS-4 Extreme Duty; oil engineered to provide maximum protection in hot weather conditions.

Designed for ATV and RANGER/RZR customers who ride their machines in harsh conditions and hot temperatures, PS-4 Extreme Duty is a full-synthetic, newly-developed formulation to be used in temperatures ranging from 0 degrees Fahrenheit up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  

While it may seem an easier choice to turn to automotive oils for your ATV or RANGER/RZR, these oils are not designed to provide the protection Polaris engines demand. In addition, they don’t provide the high RPM shear stability or the corrosion protection needed to keep internal parts working properly.

Without any industry standards for ATV and Side-by-Side oils in place, Polaris sets its own standards. Thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of miles of severe field testing have proven PS-4 Extreme Duty provides the ultimate protection for Polaris customers in hot climates and extreme applications.

• Ultimate hot weather performance

• Increased corrosion & rust resistance

• Extremely shear stable

• Formulated specifically for Polaris 4-cycle engines

To watch a video about the development of PS-4 Extreme Duty oil, follow this link:  https://lubricants.polaris.com/en-us/shop/lubricants/?utm_source=purepolarisoil.com&utm_campaign=vanity-lubricants&utm_medium=vanity-url