FST diesel fuel filter

FST Performance RPM900 “Diesel Fuel” filter system

FST Performance’s RPM900D “TurboFyner” is an on-board diesel fuel refiner system that filters fuel, separates water from fuel, and heats fuel during cold weather operations.

The RPM900D is a compact, high flow, low-restriction water separating system that filters down to 3 microns and heats fuel in one compact unit.

This diesel fuel filter system flows 200gph and “swirls” the fuel through the solid billet-aluminum base, separating fuel from water.

Water settles down in base, fuel goes up through filter where it uses the engine’s coolant fluid to heat it before heading to the pump.

Replacement spin-on type filter makes changing easy with  nothing to service or clean out, eliminating the chance for fuel system contamination.

Completely manufactured in the U.S.A.

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