Project Bedrock Logbook July 25

Project Bedrock Logbook

July 25, 2011

Finally, a winch on Bedrock. Big, too. A Superwinch Talon 12.5SR. A beauty to say the least.

Lighter than the typical 12,500-pound winch; lower profile and uses AmSteel-Blue rope instead of cable.

Surprising how you feel like the truck is naked without a winch. This will be great tool for work–and hunting season should the need for self-extraction come into play.

Like the grille guard. Go Industries universal winch mount with very heavy duty steel uprights and support. Easy to install.

Now I feel better about driving around a jobsite where the traction is dicey or exploring a backroad when the weather gets bad.

Also gave the truck its first oil change; 5,100 miles. Don’t like stretching it out that far but the GMC dealer said it’s perfectly fine. Old-school 3,000 mile interval is just that I guess-old school. — Bruce Smith