Access Truck Bed Mat

Access Truck Bed Mat

Agri-Cover, Inc manufacturer of the ACCESS® Brand Roll-Up Covers now offers the Access® Truck Bed Mat is model specific mat is completely waterproof and made of durable recycled products.

The marine-grade polyester and foam backing make the mat easy on your knees and prevents sliding cargo.

Our Access Truck Bed Mat is Eco-Friendly (it’s made from 100% recycled soda and water bottles) and adds increased protection and durability to any truck.

Whether at work or play this high impact product will change the way you enjoy your truck.

Truck Bed Mat Application Guide

The Access Truck Bed Mat™ is simple to install. It comes with six durable snaps, with optional adhesive snaps available. Not only does it install in just minutes, it’s also easy to remove and easy to reinstall.

After a long day of work or play, simply lift out, spray off, replace. The Access Truck Bed Mat™ is lightweight, which makes it easy to manage. It can be pressure washed, or vacuumed just like your outdoor carpet!