Custom Pickup Grilles

Royalty Core Grilles

Skilled Oregon artists and tradesmen bring new look to stock pickups

Why settle for a stock grille when you can make your company’s rolling business card stand out from the crowd while improving air flow with a custom grill from Royalty Core.

Based in Eugene, Oregon, Royalty Core manufactures one-of-a-kind custom truck grilles in-house using an artist’s creativity and skilled tradesmen quality to create our series of truck grilles.

Royalty Core grilles are crafted from 100% premium T-304 stainless steel including the mesh, the frame, accents down and studs.

Every detail is machined then hand crafted for a long durable and quality life.

Customers can pick and choose from a variety of material finishes, meshes, bolts, designs, custom graphics, and metal fabrication to create a one-of-a-kind personalized grille for their specific vehicle’s make and model.

The product line consists of the RC3DX Destroyer 3D Graphic Grille and the simpler RC1CG Sabotage Grille series.  Each can be custom ordered in triple chrome, bold flat black, or glossy jet-black powder coat for the frame, mesh, and graphics.

Royalty Core also offers OEM factory color matching, custom kandy and airbrush work, as well as custom powdercoat colors that can be applied in house.

Royalty Core can also offer more than the value added service of custom paint colors in house.

They can also create custom badges, logos, or graphics for your truck.  Everything is done in house from the machining, to the paint, welding, fabrication, and assembly so the customer has the ability to make choices that no other truck accessory company can offer them.

Royalty Core; 541.870.1982; [email protected].