Hella's Mega Beam LED work lamp

Hella has just launched the Hella Mega Beam LED Work Lamp Generation II. This compact, high output work lamp uses four high-performance LEDs as the light source and delivers 600 lumens of light output with a minimal power consumption of 15 watts. The low power consumption requirement of the Mega Beam’s LEDs makes it ideally suited for use on battery-operated vehicles or vehicles where the alternator is under heavy load.

The Mega Beam creates a bright white light that provides exceptional close range illumination similar to daylight. This means that colors can be distinguished more clearly in the dark than in the yellowish light of halogen bulbs, making perception to the human eye significantly easier, and preventing fatigue.

Hella Mega Beam Lamp is durably built and highly resistant to impact, vibrations and fluctuations in voltage. It comes ready to install and requires no maintenance. The LEDs provide for a service life that is 130 times longer than halogen bulbs. The integrated electronics protect the device against reverse polarity and assure a constant brightness even at a fluctuating operating voltage from 9 to 33 volts.

The Hella Mega Beam is encased in a sturdy die-cast housing and features integrated cooling fins, which help prevent overheating. It is sealed to IP6K7 and IP6K9K for severe conditions, and features a stainless steel, heavy duty-mounting bracket.