Choosing the right floor jack

The proper jack lets you go high, go low or go heavy safely and without problems.

There isn’t one truck that fits every need and likewise there is no one floor jack that can do everything you need it to do in a shop. To choose the right jack you need to match it to the size and weight of the trucks or vehicles you’ll be elevating.

According to the folks at Snap-On, heavy-duty trucks and vans with big tires and lift kits need a jack with a higher tonnage and lift rating. The long-chassis service jacks like their 4 ton and 10 ton floor jacks can lift up to 25 inches plus. And some will have air assist so you don’t have to pump like mad to get your vehicle airborne.

For your collection of muscle cars, Porches and tuners an aluminum floor jack has improved access for these low-slung speedsters.

To lift your grandfather’s Buick a standard floor jack is heavier than aluminum and can handle a range of vehicles from subcompacts to light trucks.

And we know you’re smart enough to put jack stands under your ride once you have it elevated. Just remember to match the weight rating to the vehicle they’re holding. The heavier the load, the wider the saddle and footprint of the stand.

Also note that jack stand ratings are stated for use in pairs. So a 6-ton rating is 3-tons per stand. As a pair their can support 6-tons total.