Is the DPF under your pickup plugged or causing some performance problems? Don’t remove it. There’s a new cost-effective solution to make it good as new at a fraction of the cost of replacing it – or running afoul of the law by removing it altogether.

FSX's DPF cleaning system returns plugged or dirty filters back to like-new condition.

FSX Reconditioning Inc (360-691-2999) designs, engineers and manufactures DPF filter cleaning equipment for Ford, Chevrolet and Ram pickups. They also provide an in-house refurbishing service.

The procedure is two-fold depending on the condition of the DPF:

Stage 1: The filter is placed in a state-of-the-art blow-out system that cshoots highly compressed air  through filter in a specially designed FSX DPF cleaning machine.

The filter is then flow-tested to ensure it meets the company’s stringent guidelines to return the filter back within original OEM specs.

This procedure is a same day or one-day turn-around and costs about $250.

Stage 2: If the filter does not pass the Stage 1 flow test, it moves on to  thermal cleaning where the DPF is placed in a special kiln and baked for 12 hours.

The burn-out is similar to what the new diesel pickups do on “regen.”

After the baking process the DPF is once again subjected to the blow-out process, after which it is again flow-tested. This procedure takes about two days and costs around $400.

NOTE: Chevrolet/GMC DPF filters have to be cut open to access the filter for cleaning.  Cutting open and re-welding the GM DPF adds around $400 to the cleaning costs listed above.

UPS shipping costs about $100 each way to get your old DPF to and from the FSX facility.

FSX DPF cleaning services offers the pickup-owning fleet owner substantial savings over replacement OEM DPF filters.

With the DPF filters costing more than $1,500 (not including the cost of new sensors and labor to install), the FSX cleaning procedure can save owners around $1,000 per pickup. — Bruce W. Smith

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