Scorcher Tuner

aFe Scorcher Tuner

advanced Flow engineering (aFe Power)  Scorcher butilizes a fully integrated tuning system that is matched with aFe Power performance products to provide maximum performance over the entire RPM range.

The small and stylish ergonomic design is easy to use and packed with functions. aFe has partnered with Superchips to develop exclusive aFe Power tunes to maximize the available power out of each application.

Choose from various Scorcher tunes, including performance, towing and mileage to best suit your driving needs.

The Scorcher tuner is full of additional features to enhance your driving experience:

  • Amplify fuel delivery and injection timing for increased horsepower and torque.
  • Optimize shift times and patterns for better placement of available power.
  • Speedometer calibration resets for large tire and gear changes.
  • Read and clear check engine light codes.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system adjustments for extreme terrain (Jeeps Only).

Scorcher Tuners fit popular Ford, Dodge, GM and Jeeps gas and diesel applications. The Scorcher tuner retails for around $429 and are available in stores now.