US Fleet Tracking

US Fleet Tracking

USFleetTracking’s AT-X5 GPS-based tracker provides 5-second updates on location of any vehicle and is 100% web-based for live viewing

The AT-X5 is the newest vehicle tracking product to come out of Oklahoma City-based USFleetTracking and allows customers to see where any vehicle is live on the web with 5-, or 10-second updates when the vehicle is moving more than 3mph — and it transmits every 30 seconds when the vehicle is stationary.

The USFT tracking device can be easily hidden and installed on the vehicle (or piece of equipment).

USFT says the AT-X5, which is smaller than a deck of playing cards, allows any asset to be instantly tracked 24/7 via the internet connection as well as providing a variety of logs and reports so unprecedented tracking resources are at your fingertips.

This makes the AT-X5 a valuable tool in monitoring employee billable hours and after-hours use of company vehicles, reducing lost revenue.

National Labor Bureau statistics state 5.7% of workers engage in moonlighting or side jobs (In service industries, the number is higher). Lost income and stolen inventory result when company vehicles are used after hours.

Installation is simple, and the the water-resistant, solid-state, compact device can be located just about anywhere in a pickup or other asset you want to protect and track. Worldwide flate-rate unlimited-use service starts at $29.95/month. USFleetTracking; 405-749-1105;