Snap-on's QD series torque instruments

The Snap-on QD series click-type torque instruments (QD2R100 and QD3R250)  include a certificate of calibration and carrying case, and have the following features:

  • Accuracy– accurate to ±4 percent clockwise and ±6 percent counterclockwise from 20 percent to 100 percent full scale
  • Long life ratchet head – features the Snap-on high strength sealed ratchet head to help keep out dirt and moisture while being virtually maintenance free
  • Minimal friction “hour glass” cam – retains and releases lubricant where needed to reduce friction
  • Positive stop – instrument cannot be accidentally disassembled if wound down past scale

Customers can find out more about Snap-on’s QD series click-type torque instruments and other Snap-on tools by contacting their participating Snap-on franchisee or representative, visiting