April 25, 2011

Project Super Crew Logbook

April 25, 2011

Big changes over the past couple weeks. Truck has evolved from the boring white fleet truck look to one with a little attitude.

Truck Supply installed the Buckstop Heavy Duty winch bumper and a 12,000-pound hydraulic Mile Marker winch.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Front end protection and pulling power.

The bumper and PIAA lights really change the looks. People turn their heads and the customers that come into Truck Supply really take notice. Especially the contractors.

Truck Supply sprayed the bumper with All-Pro Lining bedliner material. Textured looks is industrial. Like it.

Auxiliary lights do a commendable job. Not just for show.

Not sure I like the light switch setup. Need the LED indicator lights to be on only when the lights are on.

Figured the stock front springs would sag a little under the added weight. Nope. Doesn’t seem to affect it much. Does feels a little softer over bumps and dips–but no noticeable lowering in front.

Note: Front bumper sticks out a lot more than factory. Takes getting used to how close you are to vehicles in parking lots. We also need to install a backup camera. Nearly backed over a VW Jetta at WalMart parking lot.–Bruce Smith