April 15, 2011

Project Super Crew Logbook  

April 15, 2011

First upgrades have been done this past week at Truck Supply & Outfitters. Great guys to work with. Know their stuff.

They will probably get sick of seeing us by the time this project is over. 🙂

They installed the B&W Gooseneck hitch in the bed and the 50-gallon Transfer Flow replacement fuel tank.

Installs went smooth and brings the truck one step closer to being setup the way a working contractor would want it.

Having the extra capacity fuel tank cuts down fuel stops.

I was worried the big fuel tank would affect ground clearance. It doesn’t. You have to look closely to even see the change was made.

Gooseneck setup is sweet. Love the turn-over ball design that keeps the bed flat and unobstructed for other uses when you’re not towing.

Seeing about 14mpg in our around-town driving. — Bruce Smith