Feb. 15, 2011

Project Super Crew Logbook  

Feb. 15, 2011

The new truck smell has been replaced by the smell of burning rubber and hot brakes.  Always a good sign!

Just getting ready to head back to the office. Super Crew just spent an hour at The Beach. (That’s Holiday Raceway for anyone reading this who doesn’t follow our track tests.)

Broke in the Super Crew with a half-dozen runs down The Beach’s  1/8th mile. 0-60mph 8.8 seconds; 60mph-o: 150.4 feet. Very good numbers.

Truck weighs several thousand pounds more than half-ton, yet runs and stops just a strong. Nice.

Have to be careful on takeoff as the 6.7L Ford likes to put that monster torque to the stock Conti’s in a hurry. First couple runs we had too much wheel spin. Likes to be launched around 1,800rpm. But contractors probably don’t care about that.

One thing they will like: on-ramp acceleration and merging into traffic. This thing hauls ass once your get it above 25mph.

Wonder what some electronic upgrades and exhaust will do to the performance? — Bruce Smith