Feb. 4, 2011

Project Super Crew Logbook

Feb. 4, 2011

This begins the start of a new project truck. The 2011 Ford Super Duty Crew Cab 4×4 diesel I’m sitting in is fresh off the dealer’s showroom. $50K. Wow. Just a few years ago a diesel would run $40K tops.

It had 38.6 miles on the odometer when we signed the papers. Now it has 77. Lucky numbers?

Drives and handles a lot different from the Big Boss Ram HD. Feels roomier and no doubt considerably more power. Suspension feels stiffer. Steering lighter.

Drove it from Bessemer Ford yesterday afternoon in an ice/snow storm.  I was very happy to be in this truck rather than a car or bitty SUV of some sort. Lot’s of dicey driving but this truck’s weight and four-wheel-drive system was right at home. No worries.

Thought the diesel power curve would be an issue in these conditions–quite the contrary. I like driving a diesel on slick roads more than a gas version–diesel power is more easily controlled.

Can’t wait to get fuel and performance numbers.  This is going to be one fine ride when we’re done outfitting it….Bruce Smith