June 24, 2011

Project Super Crew Logbook

June 24, 2011  

Finally got my chance to drive the Super Crew. Our editor, Bruce  Smith, needed to get towing photos with a Bobcat skid-steer.

My lucky day!

I’ve towed equipment behind pickups for a number of years. But never with one setup with a weight-distributing hitch. Boy has this been an eye opener. The trailer and Bobcat weighed nearly 12,000 pounds. Ol’ Super Crew towed it perfectly.

For years I have been victim to the bumps and jolts of a loaded trailer throwing me around while attempting to control the ride with my vehicle. Thought that was just how it was.

Think again – with the assistance of a WD Hitch, your nightmares and worries are gone; wide turns, bumps, and stop and go traffic will not send you to a chiropractor ever again.

Love towing with this truck. Project Super Crew is simply a dream when equipped with a WD Hitch. — Justin Wood