June 14, 2011

Project Super Crew Logbook

June 14, 2011

Finally, a chance to test our big Ford’s towing capability with the 4-inch lift and 35s installed.

Bobcat delivered a new S750 skid-steer and Landoll loaned us an LT1020 tilt-bed trailer to use for tow tests. Making use of both this morning; taking the Bobcat over to Truck Supply & Outfitters to have aReese W-D hitch installed.

Wow. What a drive to the shop! A bit unnerving.

The skid-steer and trailer weigh close to 11,800 pounds. Towing that on the Super Duty hitch isn’t fun. Truck jerks fore and aft, the braking is crap, and the steering way too light.

Anything over 50mph requires every bit of driver attention. Not a safe setup towing like this.

Don’t understand how contractors can put up with such ill-handling towing loads like this when all they have to do to get the towing setup perfect is us a W-D hitch — which is precisely why we are at Truck Supply and working with Reese’s Joe Riexinger. We’ll see the towing difference tomorrow. — Bruce Smith