Cooper S/T MAXX Bedrock

Updated Feb 25, 2014

Project Bedrock Logbook  

June 23, 2011

Finally have a chance to test the new Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx tires.

Weather’s been pretty dry since they were put on last month. Rains have provided opportunity to head to the Hwy. 82 road extension project about 30 miles southeast of Tuscaloosa. Great location to test tires.

Fuel economy at 65mph is hovering around 16mpg. I’d hoped to see better from the 5.3L.

Construction work was at a near standstill because of the shale/clay mud and slippery conditions. Slipped the GMC into 4Hi and followed the site super into the project.

All of the contractor’s stock 4×4 crew cabs were slipping and sliding around just trying to get enough grip on stock tires to move.

The E-rated Cooper LT285/70R17s definitely have the advantage in situations like this. Glad we have a locking rear diff, too. Need it in muck like this. Not to say Bedrock was having an easy go of it–but at least we didn’t need any assistance getting in and out of the project. A good test for both tire and truck.

And it’s our first real off-pavement expedition with Bedrock. It’s not a virgin any more. — Bruce Smith