Sage Oil Vac

Sage Oil Vac

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Gary Sage invented and founded Oil Vac on his Texas panhandle farm in 1993. He decided to come up with a better way to perform oil changes on his irrigation engines without spilling oil on him and the ground.

What Sage developed was the first Oil Vac that had a single tank for vacuuming used oil directly from the irrigation engine’s pan. Sage realized that not only was it environmentally responsible and cleaner but that the actual oil change time was cut in half.

Sage manufactured Oil Vacs for area and regional farmers for the remainder of the 90’s, with business growing by word of mouth.

By the late 90’s, the product had made its way into oil and gas industry field service, heavy equipment fleet operators, and a number of other industries and was found in 21 states and Canada.

In 2001, Sage made the decision to move to Amarillo, TX and operate Sage Oil Vac as a full-time business.

Today, Sage Oil Vac is committed to bringing efficiency and environmental responsibility to all industries through innovative on-site fluid handling and maintenance products. That’s one reason Project Super Crew has one of our compact systems aboard.

The Sage Oil Vac team is still family-owned and operated to serve many markets – such as agriculture, construction, road building, oil & gas, mobile oil change businesses, the military and wind turbine gearbox maintenance – in the US and Canada.We have 21 dealers with 50 stores located in 13 states to serve you.

Sage Oil Vac, Inc. has international distributors in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Contact us for more information: 877-OIL-VACS; [email protected]