Master-Pull Superline

Master-Pull Superline is a rope like none other; it is unmatched in both strength and durability. Superline is created by taking a larger diameter rope that is pre-heated and stretched to its maximum strength. This produces a smaller diameter line that is stronger, more durable and has a longer life span then the average winch rope.

The Winch Stop thimble is created from high strength aluminum and is designed to prevent fingers from being sucked into the fairlead while winching. Deep channels on the Master-Pull Winch Stop protect the rope better than any other product on the market.

To keep the line from being damaged by excess winch heat, Master-Pull has created the first heat protector designed to withstand up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Colored safety orange, the heat protector is designed to alert you when to stop spooling out.

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