Fill-Rite's AC fuel transfer pump system

Tuthill Transfer Systems (TTS), a division of Tuthill Corporation, announces the release of their highest flow AC diesel fuel transfer system in their line-up – the FR319VB. This new model offers significant improvement in gallons per minute (GPM) flow rate over other models due to the use of the work-horse, time-tested 300 series pump, combined with a new 900D digital flow meter and a newly released ultra-hi flow 1-inch diesel nozzle. Even with the addition of an 18-foot hose, the flow rate at the end of the nozzle is measured at 27 GPM; this improvement in output is due to the efficient fluid dynamics design of the pump, display and nozzle. With the integration of the 900D meter it is now possible to easily calibrate your pump for various fluids and temperatures and view your flow in up to five different measurement standards including liters.

Additionally, the 319VB showcases a new package graphic direction for TTS’s fuel transfer product line. The new graphics better showcases the product, the industries that the product is sold in, and the essential features and performance of the pump. The 319VB caps out a full line offering of Fill-Rite 115/230 VAC high-volume fuel transfer products designed for use on large above ground storage tanks (AST) where speed and ease of fuel transfer is absolutely necessary.